“It was an honor and pleasure to work with Ron. Ron was the consummate professional with incredible business knowledge, good judgment and common sense approach in all facets of our business. Ron has the ability to ask the right questions to come to the proper conclusions. Any company would be best served if Ron was on their team.”

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ron Wilkinson for nearly 20 years, in both professional and personal capacities. He possesses financial acumen, organizational abilities and a work ethic that would exhaust most, and a personality that can both charm and rock you on your heels with an engaging mix of humor, wit and candor.”

“Usually, the relationship that exists between a sales organization and the business office” can be a challenging one, but Ron removed any and all barriers between the two departments with his commitment to learning all aspects of the sales process. He truly wanted to know how sales were made, and not just how the “money got in the door”. He was universally thought of as a “solution-provider”, and never failed to offer assistance to a challenge. This demeanor led to the creation of a sales team of “business advocates” within an industry where conflict is the norm. Additionally, he played a significant role in our development and execution of a bilingual magazine targeting the Hispanic market, years in advance of similar initiatives.”

“To say that I enjoyed working with Ron would be a profound understatement. He is a person who I’ve often asked for advice on a variety of business-related issues. He brings unquestionable ethics, unfailing work-ethic and sound business-thinking to any situation.”

“Ron’s exceptionally creative ideas for Quest in both finance and operations were inventive and thought provoking; they were also astoundingly effective. We were in desperate need of a CFO; his resolve and persistence to learn allowed him to functionally serve as an effective member of our team within a few days. While executing new operational and financial methodologies that greatly changed the traditional Quest processes, Ron consistently managed our employees with respect and compassion. Because of Ron’s exceptional professionalism and leadership style he empowered our employees. As a result, they reduced our outstanding receivables from $500k to $47k by Ron’s third month with us. He is a forward thinker and has impressed our Board of Directors on many occasions. He spearheaded bringing more funding and direction to our Tampa branch. Based on his suggestions, we made significant changes in management in Tampa which improved our bottom line and sustainability there. When our organization went through a tremendous re-org, Ron pointed out logical issues that I discussed with him and our director of HR before making drastic strategic decisions and plans. Ron does not make unjustified statements, rather, he offers backup and evidence for his line of thinking while seeking discussion and feedback so as to make the best decision.”

“As a young, start-up enterprise we have the passion and technical abilities to create top quality products. We contracted with Casual Business Solutions because we don’t have the financial or operational backgrounds and they did a great job for us. Early on during our first big project Ron told us he felt we were “getting ready to get ready” rather than getting the project to market and he was right. We refocused and got back on track. Ron helped us set up an accounting/billing system, build a budget, create custom reporting and refine our strategic plan. He was exactly what we needed exactly when we needed him and we got far more than our money’s worth.”

“Ron single handedly organized and directed a committee of Board members, employees, parents and volunteers to create a new, first of its kind at Quest, school for children with autism. He led conversation and divided action items on a weekly basis for two months and reported to me minimally, as I felt completely comfortable in his ability to lead. His final deliverable for this project was an eloquent business plan which was presented and passed by our Board. The school will be in operation in less than a year of its original conception.”

“Ron most recently negotiated the acquisition of a charter school in Tampa. He devised the strategy, built the plan and executed it while interfacing between the Quest board, our lawyers, our accounting firm and the current owners of the school within an extremely short period of time.”

“I started working with Ron 5 years ago, and his commitment to excellence and can do attitude is the reason for his success! He not only works for companies, he changes the faces of organizations. I have met a lot of people in the finance world and Ron not only has the BACKGROUND but the personality. He is passionate, educated, well rounded, and a great contributor.”

“I enjoy watching Ron formulate ideas and implement them successfully. For instance, Ron set phenomenal goals for auction items for WineQuest, our annual fundraiser, and then surprised everyone with his ability to attain these unique items. In all of our 13 WineQuests, we have had one person be able to conceptualize and gather such quality items. I am confident in Ron’s ability to fundraise and secure sponsorships and gladly sent him out to our large corporate sponsors. Due to the state of the economy, it was impressive that Ron not only secured our sponsors to donate but also convinced them to increase their level of giving.”

“Ron’s tremendous insight and character have inspired many and these are only two of the myriad reasons why he is an outstanding representative of the nonprofit sector. He encourages emergent leadership and empowers others with his teach you how to fish” mentoring style. He acts as a true cornerstone in a strong team and seamlessly induces followership and collaboration from his peers and subordinates. His strong work ethic and commitment to learning enhance his confidence as a leader and primary contributor at all levels in professional organizations. Although Ron’s attention to detail and financial proficiency are unparalleled, his natural sense of humor and kind personality set him far above other professionals and make it a true joy to work with him.”

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